Type-safe, statically checked composition of HTTP servers

Hyper is an experimental middleware architecture for HTTP servers written in PureScript. Its main focus is correctness and type-safety, using type-level information to enforce correct composition and abstraction for web servers. The Hyper project is also a breeding ground for higher-level web server constructs, which tend to fall under the “framework” category.


Until recently, most work on extensions and higher-level constructs have started their life in the main repository, but have then been separated into their own packages. More things might be separated in the near future, so prepare for unstability. Hyper itself should be considered experimental, for now.

This documentation is divided into sections, each being suited for different types of information you might be looking for.

  • Introduction describes the project itself; its motivations, goals, and relevant information for contributors to the project.

  • Core API is an introduction and reference of the Core API of Hyper, on which the higher-level features build.

  • Topic Guides explain how to solve specifics tasks of writing web servers using features of Hyper.

  • Tutorials are step-by-step guides on how to build complete web applications.

  • Extensions provides an overview of extensions to Hyper.

  • Frequently Asked Questions lists some of the questions and considerations about Hyper that come up frequently, answered for future reference.